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Warboys Primary Academy

Moving Forward Together
To Develop Confident, Independent Learners

Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates for Governor Meetings 2018 – 2019

S & A: Mondays 4:30 p.m.
Resources & Main Body: Wednesdays 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday 19th September Main Body Meeting
Wednesday 3rd October Resources Meeting
Monday 15th October S & A Meeting
Wednesday 7th November Resources Meeting (18;30-19:00)
Wednesday 7th November Main Body Meeting
Monday 19th November S & A Meeting
Wednesday 21st November Resources Meeting


Wednesday 16th January Main Body Meeting
Monday 21st January S & A Meeting
Wednesday 13th February Resources Meeting
Monday 25th February S & A Meeting
Wednesday 6th March Main Body Meeting
Monday 18th March S & A Meeting
Wednesday 3rd April Resources Meeting (Budget Presentation)
   - All Governors Invited
Monday 29th April S & A Meeting
Wednesday 1st May Main Body Meeting (Budget Ratification)
Wednesday 26th June Resources Meeting
Monday 1st July S & A Meeting
Wednesday 10th July Main Body Meeting