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Lauren & Isabelle- Draw4Life

Hi! This is our drawing blog. Also, our best drawings! We will also do book and game reviews. We are both artists so we hope you like (or even love) our posts <3 :) First, a book review!

Book review: Fantastic Mr Fox- Roald Dahl

Fantastic Mr Fox is a brilliant book by Roald Dahl - who is known for other great books- with an amazing plot line. It's all about how clever (and cunning) foxes can be. Also, three farmers, all different looks but same evilness. However, they're not very intelligent...


Mr Fox ,Mrs Fox, The Fox children, Boggis ,Bunce, Bean and Mr Badger. 


It is set underground (the animals houses)and the farms of the greedy selfish farmers.

Main plot of the story

Mr Fox, every night, steals food, for his family, from the farmers. One night, he has his tail shot off. They dodn't leave their hole again in case thy are shot. After a while ,they begin to get hungry and weak. Foxes are cuning therefore Mr Fox had an idea. They would dig under ground to find food.