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Megan- Blog Post

Hi everybody today im going to be talking about beauty and fashion I mainly want to talk about make-up or stuff like nail varnish.I also want to make a review.

So for lipstick i suggest you wear something light for a going out for a day wear and wear something dark like red lipstick when your going to a party or something special to you.

Also about eye liner, you dont need to wear that every day personally i only were eye liner for special ocassions like weddings or party's.

Blusher is not realy needed with make-up because it dometimes makes u get spots and it dosen't really have a use but if you want you can still wear it.

Today my review is about a lipstick I use its pink and very well taken care of and you will be happy to use it.

Anyway YOu dont need make-up to look beautiful you are beautiful in your own way.