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Evie,Finn and Grace's Blog Post

This is all about the latest fashion to get the right feeling. If you like fashion then this is your blog. Enjoy!


1.First make sure that your outfit matches, wear a pink top then wear some nice bright blue leggings.

2. Make sure that you smell divine.

3. This next step matters loads, have nice brushed hair and we suggest that you plat your hair before to receive curly-tastic hair.

4. Also shoes are important,wear some nice flats. Do not wear high heels because it will hurt your feet but it doesn't matter but that is our opinon.

5. Last but not least MAKE UP,you need to blend your make up down your neck or you will look like you have a mask on your face.

Now you should look like a new women, fab as usual. But this is all our opinion and you can change a few details.